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Melting Clock Fashion Home Decoration

Melting Clock Fashion Home Decoration

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Time doesn't stand still with this eye-catching home decor clock, it just melts away!

Inspired by Salvador Dali's artwork 'The Persistence of Memory', this extraordinary Melting Clock looks like it came straight out of a surrealist painting!

Designed to look like a large pocket watch with a crown on top, this stylish watch is perfectly balanced to hang securely from any flat surface, creating a visual "melting" effect.

However, we promise that, despite the appearance, it will not suddenly drip onto the ground!

What's more, it keeps track of time perfectly thanks to the watch's precise quartz movement - so don't blame your delay on the fact that your watch is melting!


1. Add new colors to your living environment.
2. Inspired by Dali's famous painting "Persistence of Memory", the melting clock is designed to be used on a shelf or hung on your desk.
3. New and high-quality "melted" clock
4. The effect is balanced, far away from the edge of any plane

Product information:
material: Plastic
Color: Silver,Gold,White,Black
Power supply: 1 battery (not included)
Features: Add new colors to your living environment.
Quartz movement
Non-slip backing
Style: Creative
Font: Roman numerals
Application areas: Living room, bedroom, study, office, etc.

17.5*14.5*11.5 cm/6.89"*5.71"*4.53 inches

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